Stock Research. What sets Securities Research Company apart from the pack.

SRC’s value proposition is based upon our highly accurate and completeness of data and the use of this financial data for technical and fundamental analysis in stock research.

SRC’s charts help you understand stock dividends and splits. Dividend growth can give the individual a very good idea of how the company is performing.  Are dividends growing? Is there consistency to the dividend payments? How does dividend growth compare to price and earnings growth?
Dividend payments are displayed directly on SRC’s charts. Dividend payments, like earnings, are read from the left scale and are plotted on an annual basis. Dividends above or below the charts, as well as specials, extras, irregular payments are placed on labels.

Stock splits are noted with a label on the chart – and all SRC Charts have been fully adjusted for stock splits. It is often claimed that stock splits, in and of themselves, lead to higher stock prices; research, however, does not bear this out. What is true is that stock splits are usually initiated after a large run up in share price. Momentum investing would suggest that such a trend would continue regardless of the stock split. In any case, stock splits do increase the liquidity of a stock; there are more buyers and sellers for 10 shares at $10 than 1 share at $100.


SRC has over 80 years of stock performance history, while most others have only 10-12 years of historical stock data. And, unlike other stock research companies, SRC also has no gaps in earnings adjusted for splits. As a result, SRC is the only financial information provider that is capable of furnishing a complete, long-term perspective of a stock’s performance.


SRC’s chart books and ChartScreen online stock charting products are significantly more user-friendly than other products on the market, enabling users to get the most out of SRC’s At-Glance Charts without a steep learning curve.

In an independent market research study, 80.7% of respondents stated that they would prefer to use SRC’ stock research charting products to the ones they are currently using, because of SRC’s products’ ease of use. In the same study, 73% stated that SRC charts were easier to understand.


  • SRC stock charts are semi-log scale and show the percentage moves of a stock instead of arithmetic moves used by most stock charts. SRC’s semi-log scale allows you to easily compare the performance of one stock to another – regardless of the stock price.
  • Company earnings are adjusted for extraordinary items – giving you the most accurate picture of earnings performance.
  • Significant company events are noted, and each chart contains dozens of key financial data to help you make smart investment choices.
  • All data has been fully adjusted for stock dividends and splits.


SRC has developed a charting technology that provides the optimal presentation style for the historical data contained in its database. As validated by market research, this technology provides SRC with a product that is perceived superior to other products on the market. We invite you to take a closer look at our online and print stock charts … and you’ll know why thousands of investors worldwide rely on SRC stock charts in the selection of their investments.