Investment Research – Securities Research Company.

Unlike other investment organizations, SRC’s provides independent investment research as we have been doing since 1933. SRC makes no stock recommendations, but rather informs the investors of the “facts”, allowing the you to make your own stock selections based on accurate fundamental data – whether you are seeking growth, value or income producing stocks. SRC’s at-a-glance charts are easy to learn and use, allowing both the novice and professional investor insights into a company’s core fundamental performance.

SRC’s stock investment research displays the historical performance of a stock over time. By gauging the earnings history with price history, you can easily gather whether a stock is right for your portfolio, empowering you and decide what is right for your investment needs

Securities Research Company (SRC), a respected investment research firm dedicated to providing the investment community with unique fundamental stock charts using proprietary stock-charting tools and a database that houses the most extensive chronological performance data available.

SRC was founded in 1933 by chart-pioneer Richard McKay, and is considered by many to be one of America’s trusted investment research company. Our in-house database houses one of the most complete sets of historical stock price and key financial performance metrics available anywhere – with up to 100 years of stock performance.

What Makes Us Different?

SRC’s investment research is distilled down to easy-to-understand stock charts focusing on what matters the most which are Stock Fundamentals: Prices · Adjusted Earnings · Dividends · Stock Splits · Corporate Actions · Historical Growth Rates for 4,500 NYSE, ASE, and NASDAQ companies.

And SRC’s stock charts use a semi-logarithmic scale to plot earnings and dividends, as well as price, moving average, trading volume, and relative performance-to-market index. This signature product offering allows investment professionals and individual investors to instantly and accurately assess the performance of selected stocks or groups of stocks in a visually compelling and easy-to-read manner for users to get the most out of our charts without a steep learning curve.

What Studies Show Versus the Competition

In an independent market research study, 80.7% of respondents stated that they would prefer to use Securities Research Company’s charting products to the ones they are currently using, because of their products’ ease of use. In the same study, 73% stated that our charts were easier to understand.

Features Unique to SRC’s Investment Research & Stock Charts

SRC’s charts are semi-log scale and show the percentage moves of a stock instead of arithmetic moves used by most stock charts. SRC’s semi-log scale allows you to easily compare the performance of one stock to another – regardless of the stock price.

Company earnings are adjusted for extraordinary items – giving you the most accurate picture of earnings performance.

Significant company events are noted, and each chart contains dozens of key financial data to help you make smart investment choices.

All data has been fully adjusted for stock dividends and splits.

Proprietary Technology

Securities Research Company developed a charting technology that provides the optimal presentation style for the historical data contained in its database. As validated by market research, this technology provides us with a product that is perceived superior to other products on the market.

We invite you to take a closer look at our Online and print stock charts … and you’ll know why thousands of investors worldwide rely on Securities Research Company a primary investment research firm.