Customer Reviews. Just a Handful of What SRC’s Customers Have to Say…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…it’s also worth about a hundred thousand numbers. The information gleaned from one glance at an SRC chart saves me a half an hour of combing through the raw data. I discovered SRC about 20 years ago while reading Peter Lynch’s One Up on Wall Street and George Soros’s Alchemy of Finance. I figured if the tool is good enough for them…

Customer Review by Michael A. Morgia, CMIA  – Managing Director, HighTower Advisors

I’ve been using SRC’s products throughout my 29 year career as a portfolio manager, technical analyst, broker and investor. There are many services that provide timely financial research or technical analysis. However, SRC’s winning combination of fundamental & technical data through various timeframes allow for faster evaluations of stocks than competing services. Needless to say, any timesaving has a direct impact on my investments!

Customer Review by Kenneth G. Winans, CMT – President, Winans International and award-winning author.

I was always a great admirer of SRC’s charts — in fact, when I was Chief Investment Officer at the First National Bank of Chicago, I discovered these charts and felt that they were all that were needed to make investment decisions.  All the analysts that we had were not worth a fraction of your charts.

Customer Review by Howard Hallengren, NYC, NY- Chairman, Falcon Real Estate Investment Management.

I find SRC charts to be an invaluable tool for the selection of stocks to buy and when to sell them. I have long believed they are the best charts available in our industry. I believe that for an organization to prosper, its client service should be as close to instant as possible. I certainly have experienced this from you. Our family has used SRC charts since 1944 at C.H.Brown Co. Inc.

Customer Review by Don Brown – Private investor as well as an investment adviser since 1960.

“SRC delivers a unique perspective on market data. Over the long-term, stock price growth tends to track earnings growth. SRC is the only service that shows annualized, long-term earnings and price growth in a box at the top of the chart. Fundamentals are graphed in a way that technicians can understand, and fundamental analysts get technicals that make sense. It’s all in one and SRC Charts are perfect!”

Customer Review by Michael J. Carr, CMT – Noted financial markets author, Editor of the Market Technicians Association (MTA) monthly newsletter, Technically Speaking; and Associate Editor of the MTA’s scholarly publication, Journal of Technical Analysis.

I’ve been profiting from SRC’s charts for years. The added flexibility and analysis that ChartScreen offers is fantastic. SRC charts are a must-have for every analyst I know.

Customer Review by Mike Epstein, Boston, MA – Former President of the Market Technician Association (MTA)

Your presentations of data are consistently the most intelligent in the industry. It marries technical and fundamental information in a clear and concise manner. I wouldn’t be without your service.

Customer Review by Bernadette B. Murphy – Noted investment analyst – Kimmelman & Bird, LLC.