Did you know that libraries across the country carry SRC’s Print Publications & Online Services?

For investors who want access to SRC’s publications, but who may not require their own personal subscription, you can contact the Reference Librarian at your local pubic, community college, as well as college and university libraries. If your library doesn’t carry SRC’s print publications, eBook products or online service, you can request that they order them either from their subscription agency or directly through SRC.

There will be some things you need to know first. Most importantly the name of the publication, the ISSN number for that publication, as well as the name of the publisher.  The two most popular print publications that libraries carry are the:

SRC Blue Book of 12-Year Charts – ISSN: 8750-2356. Annual subscription publishes quarterly (Jan/April/July/August) – $997.00

SRC Green Book of 35-Year Charts – ISSN: 0884-8475. Annual subscription publishes annually in February – $387.00

SRC’s ChartScreen Premier – Full access to SRC’s online research service – Annual subscription – Starting from $1245.00

SRC Publishing (dba) Securities Research Company

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Click here for a print out of this information that you can take to your reference librarian.