About Securities Research Company.

Securities Research Company (SRC), a respected research-based firm dedicated to providing the investment community with unique fundamental stock charts using proprietary stock-charting tools and a database that houses the most extensive chronological performance data available.

SRC was founded in 1933 by chart-pioneer Richard McKay, and is considered by many to be America’s most trusted stock-charting company. Our in-house database houses one of the most complete sets of historical stock price and key financial performance metrics available anywhere – with up to 100 years of stock performance.

What Makes Us Different?

SRC’s stock charts focus on what matters the most which are Stock Fundamentals: Prices · Adjusted Earnings · Dividends · Stock Splits · Corporate Actions · Historical Growth Rates for 4,500 NYSE, ASE, and NASDAQ companies.

And SRC’s stock charts use a semi-logarithmic scale to plot earnings and dividends, as well as price, moving average, trading volume, and relative performance-to-market index. This signature product offering allows investment professionals and individual investors to instantly and accurately assess the performance of selected stocks or groups of stocks in a visually compelling and easy-to-read manner for users to get the most out of our charts without a steep learning curve.

What Studies Show Versus the Competition

In an independent market research study, 80.7% of respondents stated that they would prefer to use our charting products to the ones they are currently using, because of their products’ ease of use. In the same study, 73% stated that our charts were easier to understand.

Features Unique to SRC’s Stock Charts

  • SRC’s charts are semi-log scale and show the percentage moves of a stock instead of arithmetic moves used by most stock charts. SRC’s semi-log scale allows you to easily compare the performance of one stock to another – regardless of the stock price.
  • Company earnings are adjusted for extraordinary items – giving you the most accurate picture of earnings performance.
  • Significant company events are noted, and each chart contains dozens of key financial data to help you make smart investment choices.
  • All data has been fully adjusted for stock dividends and splits.

Proprietary Technology

We have developed a charting technology that provides the optimal presentation style for the historical data contained in its database. As validated by market research, this technology provides us with a product that is perceived superior to other products on the market.

We invite you to take a closer look at our online and print stock charts … and you’ll know why thousands of investors worldwide rely on SRC’s stock charts in the selection of their investments.