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Iconic. SRC’s Chart Books.

A trusted resource for both professional and individual investors since 1933. Perfect for your own research or a useful tool to providing independent research for your clients. SRC’s Chart Books span 21-Months to 50-Years.

I’ve been using SRC’s products throughout my 29 year career as a portfolio manager, technical analyst, broker and investor. There are many services that provide timely financial research or technical analysis. However, SRC’s winning combination of fundamental & technical data through various timeframes allow for faster evaluations of stocks than competing services. Needless to say, any timesaving has a direct impact on my investments!

Kenneth G. Winans, CMT – President, Winans International and award-winning author

SRC’s ChartScreen Online Service

Relied upon by investors for its search and filtering capabilities; breadth and depth of historical stock data; and its crystal clear, full-color presentation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…it’s also worth about a hundred thousand numbers.  The information gleaned from one glance at an SRC chart saves me a half an hour of combing through the raw data. I discovered SRC about 20 years ago while reading Peter Lynch’s One Up on Wall Street and George Soros’s Alchemy of Finance.  I figured if the tool is good enough for them…

Michael A. Morgia, CMIA – Managing Director, HighTower Advisors

Market Economy Charts are an Encyclopedia At-A-Glance!

Market Charts are the most useful and accurate stock market, interest rate and economic indicator charts available, and are the perfect way to see long-term trends, cycles, and patterns in large, graphical poster formats – indispensable tool for board rooms, offices, meetings and the classroom.

I purchase a lot of items online and this was by far the best experience I have ever had with any company, ever. The product looks exceptional, our company logo looks awesome, and your service and response was fast and extremely efficient. We will be purchasing a Market Chart from your company every year for years to come.  Thanks again!

Justin Krznarich – Thunderbird Wealth Management



  • VISUALLY or Automatically screen for attractive stock ideas in seconds
  • Identify currently most attractive INDUSTRIES and SECTORS to invest in
  • Drill down to individual stocks with SINGLE-VIEW of Earnings, Price and Dividends
  • SEE growth, value, income and total return opportunities on EVERY chart
  • Select WINNERS by visual analysis of RECESSIONARY AND EXPANSION behavior, GROWTH RATES and FUNDAMENTAL Performance
  • Your CHOICE of long-term historical data and/or short-term daily price/volume action
  • Fundamental and Technical analysis of 52-Week, 21-Month, and 12 to 50-Year individual stock charts